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We’re so glad you popped by and now that you’re here, we’d love to show you around.

We are a Turkish sailor, an Antipodean sailor with half-a-lifetime of experience living and working in Turkey and a Ukrainian sailor with an extensive collection of stories of life on and beside the sea!

Our passion for yacht charter in Eastern Mediterranean waters is legendary! People have been seeking us out for close on 30 years and everyone we meet, clients and colleagues alike, becomes an ambassador for this beautiful part of the world.

We delight in helping you find your perfect boat and crew! After you’ve decided, we will organise a meeting over the phone, or on Skype, or even in person and start working on the finer details that will shape this dream vacation: specially-prepared menus, champagne and wine, shore excursions, nighttime celebrations and more, in an itinerary designed to satisfy everyone’s needs.

This vacation will be like no other - you have our promise that the beauty of the area will leave you in awe, while the hospitality of your crew will impart a much finer appreciation of their colourful and enticing culture. Don't be surprised if you leave the boat having made lifelong friends as you will undoubtedly go places that you might never go and see things that you might never see while in the company of your crew. There is a level of wisdom and understanding that is conveyed between friends and adds to the richness of the experience.

And of course, true magic is made available within the intimacy of your small group and the journey that you undertake together.

Call us now and we’ll get started with your choice of destination!


Level 1, 377 New South Head Road

Double Bay

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+61 280 034 655

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Level 1, 377 New South Head Road, Double Bay, Sydney, Australia
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