Reasons to charter a yacht in Turkey

5 Good Reasons to Charter a Gulet in Turkey

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There are many good reasons to charter a Turkish gulet for a sailing holiday in the Eastern Med’s warm blue waters.  We have picked out our favourite five:

1. Gulets have it all!  

They are big and roomy. They are close to the sea, so that you can dive over the side or climb down a ladder and be in the water in seconds!  They have loads of deck space!  There is always a great, big dining table to hang out around under the shade of an awning.  They have comfortable lounging areas!

2.  Gulet crew are fun!  

If you want them to act seriously, they will — but most Turkish people love to laugh and to enjoy life.  They are known for their hospitality and they go to great lengths to ensure that you are treated in the most hospitable way imaginable.

3.  Gulets are based in Turkey and Greece!  

That means that you can enjoy blue water cruising, or island cruising and even mix in some Turkish coast with some Greek island cruising.  If you are looking for a gulet is Croatia, you will most definitely find one there, too.  These are beautiful vessels and they are located in some of the most scenically beautiful charter regions on earth.

4.  Gulets can — often times — sail!  

There’s a chance that you can add sailing to your itinerary… which is always a lot of fun.  Also, if you come at a time of year when the winds are favourable for sailing, you’ll be doing your best to limit the impact your cruise has on the environment.  Cleaner water makes for better swimming — and more fish.

5.  Gulets represent excellent value for money!  

As each gulet carries on average 10 guests, the per person rate of a gulet for a whole week, inclusive of all meals and local drinks can often times work out to be quite affordable.  The better equipped and more luxurious the choice of gulet, the higher the price goes  —  as with anything of higher value, the service you receive will be reflected in the price.

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