Carpe Diem 7 gulet to charter in Croatia

A yacht you will LOVE when sailing in Croatia

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by Victoria Hamilton

Surely the saying, Carpe Diem, means "plucking" the day, rather than "seizing" it. The Roman poet, Horace, shared his idea that one should enjoy life while one can, as tomorrow is an unknown.

We've nodded in agreement hearing, "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may", and "Make hay while the sun shines" and so, partly as an affirmation, I've come up with my own: "Ideas in your head cannot be read, so write that blog... just write, a'right?"

And yes, I've taken my own advice, so please read on: Horace would have loved the azure waters off Ancient Epidaurum (today's Cavtat, Croatia) and for all I know may have desired to visit that place.

The same applies to my colleagues who are yet to "pluck" their chance to go and see what's so cool about sailing around the Dalmation coast. And so I've given them the heads up on "Carpe Diem 7" (pictured), the traditional sailing yacht known as a gulet that's all fitted out and ready to go: I know her well and I know she's a beautiful sailing yacht with a roomy interior.

I've heard great things about her Croatian crew, and the weather in June and July would make for a nice change: she's available this summer, so if you're heading to Europe for the Australian winter, perhaps you'll see her there... or better still, spend a week making the most of each and every day on the water.

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