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Dinner onboard a gulet

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You have spent the day in the sun, swimming and lounging and making the most of the water sports equipment on offer. Your gulet is now a anchored for the night and as the sun made its descent beyond the horizon, you had found a spot to sit at the bow of your gulet and join your friends, sharing the stories of the day over a nicely chilled glass of wine. This is the most relaxing time of the day, as you are starting to really unwind and enjoy your surroundings, while your crew busy themselves with setting a table for you on the aft deck.

Such is the life when the pace slows down enough that you actually start to notice nuances and all of your senses seem to have been “reset”, enabling a through immersion in the experience.

When the evening meal is ready, your crew will politely invite you to the dinner table, and if the aft deck’s awning has been completely removed, you will enjoy the alfresco setting all the more! Dining under the stars while anchored for the night as the only yacht in a remote and untouched bay is definitely a blue cruise highlight.

And every night brings the opportunity to try yet another theme within the realm of “Summer Flavours of the Mediterranean", or, if you are keen to stick with flavours from around the world, another round of dishes from America, Europe, Asia or the Pacific. Having another deep-fried calamari ring served with a tangy walnut and lemon tarator dressing allows you to ponder once more at the immense flavour of seafood that’s locally caught and served the same day.

The same goes for the superb fish stew that brings the flavours of fish and herbs into a harmonious blend…. such that you will never forget the flavour as long as you live! And when dessert appears as a series of apricots, stuffed with a very thick cream and served alongside vanilla ice-cream, you’ll be praising the chef by raising a glass of well chilled wine - superbly paired with the meal and served with all the ceremony associated with a 5-star restaurant.

This is one of the most stylish ways to dine at sea, and from the first night, you’ll likely be hooked!

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