Food during yacht charter cruise in Turkey

Delicious dining experience while on a yacht cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean!

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All You Need to Know: "Blue Cruise Cuisine"

The answer to the question, “What kind of meals will they serve aboard our gulet?” is, “whatever your heart desires!”. Once you charter a yacht privately, you get to choose the itinerary, and you get to choose the menu, too! You can wake up as early or as late as you like, and still have your coffee just as you like it, and a breakfast, just as you like it:)

Our chefs are clever and imaginative and so if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you couldn’t choose a better destination or a better way to travel! Likewise, if you are a lover of rich and creamy pasta dishes, or meals that have meat as the main course, there are dozens of recipes to tempt you over the course of a week.

Those choosing to spend a week or ten days cruising in the Eastern Mediterranean are amazed at the endless varieties of dishes that can be whipped up in the galley! There are many - delicious - dishes based on vegetables alone and many, many more with fresh herbs and cheeses, or chicken, fish, lamb and beef.

If you charter a yacht in Greece or Croatia, there are pork dishes, too. That’s not to say that you cannot find pork in Turkey, because you can — but if you are looking for a pork roast, you had better ask if the captain knows a local hunter, who can find this type of meat out in the forest.

Seafood is very much a part of the local diet, and Blue Cruise guests have the option of enjoying all their favourites including calamari and octopus, shrimp and crab — and shellfish, too. As for lobster, which is hard to come by (read: expensive) in local waters, you can try an imported variety from the Red Sea (also quite pricey), or a local variety of slipper lobster (or bug).

There are many varieties of fish to choose from, and some make delicious soups, while others are deep-fried to perfection and the largest are either served grilled and whole on your plate or, served as a neat and tidy fillet — with so many salads and accompaniments so as to make the mouth really water!

Turkish cuisine during a yacht charter cruise
Turkish cuisine during a yacht charter cruise
Turkish cuisine during a yacht charter cruise

Days onboard gulets seem to flow within a rhythm of sweet and savoury aromas — those that being to breakfast during a yacht charter holiday, those that belong to lunch, those that belong to afternoon tea and those that belong to dinner. If you ask me what my favourite aroma of the day is, I’ll tell you, “Chocolate Lava Cake” as dessert — it has a way of creating a little more spec in a stomach that is already too full:)

The important thing to remember is that everyone’s meal preferences are listed on the “Charterer’s Information Sheets” — and that anyone who has any kind of food allergy, or who is needing to follow a special diet has been given plenty of notice that their allergy/special diet needs need to be all spelled out, so that there can be no mistake. They must provide the full picture, and if necessary, bring the items that they wish the chef to incorporate in their meals, if it cannot be sourced locally, or if a good alternative is not available.

In Turkey, as in Greece, people “Live to eat” rather than “eat to live” and so there is a zillion different regional dishes and you couldn’t possibly try them all in the space of a short journey, even if you tried! The main things to note are that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and whether you are on a diet or not, sweet things are going to be coming out of the galley — so don’t deny yourself a chance to try them all! Enjoy your meal, in Turkish is “Afiyet Olsun” — the literal translation of which might be something like… “May It Contribute To Your Health”. Sweet and respectful sayings abound in this land!

Turkish cuisine during a yacht charter cruise in Croatia
Turkish cuisine during a yacht charter cruise in Croatia
Turkish cuisine during a yacht charter cruise in Croatia

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