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Gulet cruises and breakfast onboard: what to eat?

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Breakfast aboard a might be a traditional Turkish affair with hot, spicy “sujuk” sausage (Turkey’s much-loved hot and spicy breakfast sausage) and eggs (these are fried and sit atop the sausage) — or a hot mixture of caramelised onions, rich, ripe tomatoes, chopped fresh green peppers with eggs beaten through carefully to create a scrambled egg variety unknown elsewhere in the world, perhaps, but everyone’s favourite in Turkey. Eggs may boiled and fried in butter, too. They may be served as omelettes or mixed with a little milk and scrambled. Ask the chef to prepare your eggs in any way you please, and he will oblige.

Accompaniments for the hot breakfast include cheeses (cheddar, white cheese and string cheese), slices of tomato and cucumber, sprigs of fresh garden green, black and green olives, hot bread or fresh bread, stuffed savoury pastries and pies (known locally as “burek") and of course, double cream (thicker than double cream, actually — more of a spread than anything), butter and local honey, fruit jams & preserves, yoghurt and dried fruits and nuts. In the summertime, it is also common to see a platter of seasonal fruit on the breakfast table.

Regardless of where you are cruising in the Eastern Med, you will come across cereals and muesli, toast and jam, olives and cheese, crepes and omelettes, sliced cured meats and hot pastrami. If you are keen on bacon and eggs, just say so, as all tastes are catered to!

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