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Thanks to the HBO phenomenon, the tiny Balkan state of Croatia has become one of the most visited European countries - ever - and all in the space of five short years. Relatively small in size when compared to her neighbors, this country offers so much to travelers and yacht enthusiasts that people are willing to come back time and again. Renting a yacht in Croatia and exploring its magnificent coastline is as popular as a sail in Italy on the Italian Riviera or a cruise along the French Riviera. There are many reasons why it is so, and we’ll try to highlight some of these.

GULET’s team of professionals will help you with creating your itinerary, choosing the right boat for your group and plan a week’s worth of shore-based activities. Give us a call or send us an email to receive further professional help if you wish to hire the right boat for your group and planning a week's worth of shore-based activities.

Gulet hire and sailing in Croatia is an excellent idea!

If you’re looking for a summer holiday that will reward you with full relaxation for both body and mind, satisfy your taste-buds with a variety of fresh and organic ingredients, engage all your senses with mind-blowing architecture; seduce you with the lushest of wilderness and nature, indulge you with the warmth of friendly, hospitable locals, let you stay in secluded bays and wander around hidden quayside villages, go on wine tasting tours of local vineyards, wander around lavender fields, and let you discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites, then the discovery of Croatia yacht charter is a perfect option for you.

This unique destination where you can rent a gulet of any size has something to offer travelers with the most demanding of tastes, and with the highest of expectations.


Croatia is a very peaceful country, and it looks like it belongs in a fairy tale book. In fact, it would be a sound assessment to say that Croatia embodies the best of each of its Mediterranean neighbors –so prepare to be impressed at every single turn when you come here for gulet holidays Croatia.

The long Croatian coastline with its many hundreds of islands is best accessed by yacht. Just imagine: you don’t need to wait for a bus or drive there in a car, and there’s no need to follow a ferry schedule or rush to board a multi-level cruise ship that is soon to depart, not allowing you the freedom to stay longer in the place you loved the most. When you charter a yacht in Croatia, you have the greatest sense of freedom, coupled with the ultimate in comfort, a collection of well-designed staterooms complete with private en suite facilities, and access to the full complement of water toys, to include high-speed Jet Ski, waterskis, canoes, SUPs, bananas, floating islands, and many more... all the while being surrounded with scenic views.


  • More than 1000 islands to explore, each one like a jewel set in the bluest of waters
  • Ancient ports & medieval towns with Venetian architecture
  • Chance to follow in the footsteps of your favourite “Game of Thrones” characters
  • Home to UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Pristine nature & national parks


Most probably there’s no such answer as “Croatia won’t suit you”, because this yacht charter destination is really perfect in a way that it can offer something special for all travelers. However, there are several points we should mention before you make a final decision to rent a yacht in Croatia. Our main goal is to see you and your group happy having chartered a gulet with us.

You will enjoy a gulet charter Croatia 100% if:

… you are a fan of the “Game of Thrones” TV series;

… you’re adventurous and a real explorer;

… you like Venetian architecture and love wandering among old European narrow streets;

… you’re open to seeing and discovering more;

You will enjoy Croatia gulet charter a little less if:

... you expect warm and sunny days during the whole of the charter;

…you’d prefer to avoid crowded places when on holiday;

Now let’s talk a little more about some of those points mentioned above

In a country that has a very long coastline, various peninsulas, and more than 1000 islands, you can imagine how many gorgeous spots there are to be explored. Croatia is a perfect yacht charter destination for adventurous people because during a weeklong cruise they’ll have so much to discover, both ashore and aboard, that there will be more than enough lifelong memories to share with loved ones.

Since Croatia is so popular nowadays, it follows that during the peak season months of July and August, popular touristic places become very crowded. Towns such as Hvar, Dubrovnik, Split are literally full of people! You may choose to avoid visiting these places completely, and just sail to more quiet destinations in the way of islands, seaside villages and towns. Or, if you don’t mind some cloudy days, come to Croatia in June or September. That’s right, the weather during the off-peak season months of May, June and September and October may not always be conducive to sunning. It rains more often, and sometimes the sun doesn’t come out at all, although the average temperatures at that time of the year are fantastic for shore-based activities.

If you’re a fan of the epic TV Series, “Game of Thrones”, then you will already know that several seasons were filmed in Croatia. It is a popular pastime for fans to follow in the footsteps of the production team and actors who stayed in Croatia for many months, shooting this fantastic series. Our gulet experts can design a special, tailor-made itinerary that will allow you to visit all of those spots that appeared on TV screens in your favorite show. Send us an inquiry, and our brokers will work with you to bring your quest forward and into the realm of doable.

Croatia is located near Montenegro, Italy, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is possible to have a yacht charter itinerary that will allow you to see more - for example, Venice, or the magical Bay of Kotor. You can also go on a land tour to visit Mostar, a very quaint town with a famous Ottoman bridge straddling a river that is mesmerisingly beautiful.



Imagine yourself escaping from the daily routine and going on a journey where every day is a little more of the dream come to life. Each morning, you wake up to see a new historic town or a picturesque village. After breakfast, you enjoy swimming in crystal-clear waters, then relax or explore a new culture, meet new people and learn something new. Later, after lunch, you read a book that’s been waiting for your free time for months. And afterwards, you’ll swing into action, careening around the bay with friends and family on jet skis or canoeing under the warm rays of the sun, each one in turn anticipating the romance of the evening about to unfold, taking you on a brand new odyssey. All of this is possible while sailing around Croatia aboard a luxury gulet.

And all of this is possible without spending too much. Gulet cruise prices vary in Croatia. There are yachts available for approximately EUR 9-12,000 per week, plus expenses, which means that if you travel with several friends or families, you’ll share all the expenses and will have a luxury vacation on a yacht for the price of a luxury hotel. And it is a fact that staying in a hotel for a week is nowhere near as adventurous as traveling by boat, every day seeing many new places and trying out new things without the need to pack and unpack.


There are also ultra luxury gulets to hire in Croatia for over EUR 50,000 per week excluding food, drinks, fuel, and port taxes.

In general, it is possible to find an attractive deal for any budget when you make your enquiry and start planning your Mediterranean yacht cruise in advance.

Ten years ago you would see very few gulets sailing in Croatia during the summer. Now, the situation is quite the opposite. The number of yachts available to rent is rapidly increasing from year to year. Charterers can expect great quality boats, excellent crew, and delicious food, as prepared by the yacht’s chef.

Croatian yachts are well maintained. Their owners refit them very well. Usually they keep the classic exterior look of the boat and upgrade the interior with modern features so that guests feel right at home.

You can surely make Croatia the venue for the kind of yachting vacation in the Mediterranean that celebrates a special event with your family and friends. Whether it’s an anniversary, a wedding, a honeymoon or a corporate meeting with your colleagues, there are yachts for any occasion. Professional crew members working aboard gulets in Croatia will attend to your every need and desire. And yes, there are yachts that can accommodate more than 12 guests at one time.

English is widely spoken in Croatia. You can meet a woman behind a counter of a supermarket in an area of Dubrovnik rarely visited by tourists who will speak some English for sure. And of interest is the fact that it’s also easy to encounter a Croatian person speaking French, German, or Italian.

The best months to travel Croatia by gulet are July and August. This is the “high season” when the seawater is warm enough for all the members of your group to enjoy watersports and swimming. Where May and October are the least popular months to rent a yacht, especially if you sail with kids, it still has its merits. While the weather may change unexpectedly, and the water isn’t quite warm enough to stay in for extended amounts of time, the air temperatures are perfect for onshore activities such as culinary adventures, sightseeing and hiking. Of course, if you're not big on swimming, but like to stay by the water, these months would ensure that the coastal towns you visit are far from crowded.

If you must travel during the “low season” months and wish to have some guarantee of sunny weather, perhaps you may consider renting a yacht in Turkey where September and October are the best months of the year to enjoy a cruise, and even May offers a warm sun and refreshing seas.

Let’s find you a perfect Croatian yacht for a memorable Adriatic journey. Visit our itineraries page and check out sample yacht routes in Croatia. This will give you an idea as to how your private yacht cruise will unfold. Croatia is definitely a country you will want to return to so as to see a little more.


When renting a gulet in Croatia, remember to …

  • Go on a wine and oysters tasting trip near the beautiful town of Ston
  • Canoe by the walls of Dubrovnik
  • Follow in the footsteps of the Game of Thrones filming crew
  • Explore what locals believe to be Marco Polo’s homeland on Korcula island
  • Enjoy water sports activities around the world renowned Golden Horn on Brac island
  • Party on the island of Hvar, the Croatian version of Saint Tropez
  • Bath in the famous emerald waterfalls of Krka National Park
  • Visit the absolutely stunning Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina, and the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro



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