Meet The Locals: Kalymnos

Kalymnos is rocky and rugged-looking and draws visiting yachtsmen heading north from Kos with anchorages such as the fjord-like inlet, “Vathy”, providing good shelter in an attractive setting. Emborios, with its row of seaside tavernas is also a hit with such folk -- and for the local restauranteurs, the trade from passing sailors is always welcome. On the west coast of this island is the small islet of Telendos, which has a very attractive village ashore and is well worth a visit.

Kalymnos features in many a gulet charter itinerary, being a nice place to visit on your cruise between Bodrum and the islands to the north. It is well worth a visit -- for views, for cuisine or just to mingle with the warm-hearted folk who were born and raised on this island and are very much attached to a traditional way of life. You may just meet someone with whom you can have a long and interesting conversation over a cooling beverage, under the shade of a vine-covered trellis.

Although its days as a major sponge fishing center are over, Kalymnos still bares traces of those times in some of its stately homes, dating from that era -- if you enjoy architecture, then take a stroll around. The harbour town of Pothia is the third largest in the Dodecanese and although the setting is rather barren looking, you can still find plenty of interesting sights to see. Explore and discover at leisure and you will soon have filled a day in yet another beautiful part of Greece.


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