A distinctly different kind of Greek island experience is to be had on this island, which is somewhat off the beaten track, but well worth a visit.

While sailing Greek islands, Nisyros might be described as "a remote destination with an interesting topography" but for those arriving on a gulet from the Turkish mainland -- or from nearby Rhodes or Symi -- it's really quite good fun to go and visit the volcano.

Hiring a car, you can drive right down to the rim of the crater and the, hopping out to walk the rest of the way, descend right down to the crater floor. Once inside the crater, if you should shroud yourself in the ever-present sulfurous mist, and breath it in deeply, have no doubt that it will help in opening up your sinuses.

The Spa of Loutra also draws plenty of visitors, although most go to witness the grand architecture of the buildings rather than take a dip in the hot spring waters.
For relaxation during crewed yacht charter Greece, Nisyros offers red, sandy beaches, and for dining, the lively centre of the island, “Mandraki” has a selection of tavernas and cafes. Hikers and history buffs will enjoy the Knights castle and museum, the ancient bastion known as “Paleo Kastro” and the Monastery of Panagias Spillanisto.

While visiting the volcano, be sure to take a drive around to Nikea, the typical Greek village on the south east of the island, where you can stop for refreshments in a shaded cafe.

This is bliss on a fine day, where gentle breezes stir the flowering bougainvillea and your cup of hot tea lingers in your hand as you munch on a cinnamon-flavoured cookie.

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