How much luggage can we bring with us?

Small sailing yachts have a very limited space for storing bulky luggage item, but since you are chartering a gulet, you won’t have this problem. These yachts generally have enough space to stow large soft-sided bags and suitcases out of the way while you’re onboard. Each cabin has drawers in which you can stow all your belongings and yet it’s helpful to note that storage space is still limited in a sense, and so it’s best to be a little bit mindful and limit what you bring.

What’s available onboard and what is better brought along with us?

Each yacht is like a hotel, and each stateroom features bed linen, towels, and bathroom utensils (shower gel, shampoo, soap, and a hairdryer). Some yachts feature extra accessories in each stateroom. If you wish to have something specific onboard and ready from the moment you board, please be sure to specify this in advance to give the crew the best possible chance of locating it before your arrival. Most gulets carry a few sets of snorkelling gear for charterers, but many charter guests prefer to bring their own equipment -- especially if they are snorkelling enthusiasts.

Are we allowed to smoke aboard?

Usually, smoking is allowed in special dedicated areas. Smoking inside the yacht, however, is not permitted. In order to be 100% sure that you’ll be able to smoke on the boat that you wish to hire, please let us know and we will consult the captain.

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