How do I book the yacht that I liked on this website?

If you zero in on a specific yacht, you may then click the button, “Inquire” alongside the gulet you’ve chosen or send us an email in which you will mention both the vessel’s name and your most preferred set of dates. Another option is to call our office. We will then send you a written confirmation that this same gulet is available for rent, or if it’s not, locate a set of alternatives and forward these to you. Finalizing the deal would involve the standard procedure of signing a contract between yourselves, ourselves, and a yacht owner. If you book a gulet 4-6 months in advance, you will be requested to pay a deposit representing 50% of the charter rate, and the remainder would be due closer to the charter's commencement. If you book a yacht several weeks in advance, then you will be required to pay a full amount of the boat rental at the time you sign the contract.

What information do you need from my side to find the best yacht?

Please inform us as to how many people will be traveling with you, specifying the number of adults and children; the timeframe during which you wish to rent a yacht, your choice of cruising area and how much you intend to spend on the yacht’s hire and food and beverages. This information will allow us to create a list of boats that match your preferences, and it will be that much easier for you to make a choice.

What kind of personal information do you need from me?

Full names and passport details are required in order to complete the necessary paperwork while the yacht is preparing for departure. In order to coordinate your arrival transfer to the yacht as well as your departure, we will need to know your contact details, as well as relevant travel plans -- specifically, where, when and how you plan to arrive at the port where your yacht awaits. We will also ask you to fill out your onboard preference sheets where you will indicate your food and beverage preferences as well as provide information about allergies and any health conditions. While completing this form, there is room for you to supply details of any plans you may have to celebrate special occasions or even co-design a surprise event with your captain and crew.

How do I pay for a yacht charter?

Usually a charterer pays for a yacht charter via bank transfer. Before the payment is transferred, we will send you a detailed invoice where you will see clearly the exact amount that is to be paid, the currency in which it is to be paid, and the payment schedule. With GULET, you can pay in Australian Dollars for yachts that normally require a payment to be made in Euro.

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