What is included in the charter price of renting a gulet?

Each yacht has its own pricing terms and conditions. There are gulets with all-inclusive rates that exclude only import drinks and customs formalities outside of their usual cruising ground. There are also cases where a charterer pays for all expenses and any VAT applicable in the chosen cruising area. Sometimes a charter rate may include some expenses. In any case, under the profile of each gulet you will clearly see what is included and what is excluded so there will be no hidden expenses whatsoever.

Here’s an example of what’s usually included in the price of Turkish gulets:

“All running expenses of the yacht, crew's wages, fuel for an average of 4 hours cruising per day, ship's laundry, free use of onboard watersports and recreational equipment, all taxes and harbour expenses.”

Here’s an example of what’s sometimes included in the price of Croatian gulets:

“Shipboard accommodation, fuel for main engine and generators, unlimited cruising hours, ports and marinas taxes/fees, permits, sojourn taxes, insurance, Croatian 13% VAT, unlimited use of A/C, welcome drink and a welcome aboard dinner on the first night, general use of the yacht’s tender as water sports useage, water toys, underwater scooter, Wi-Fi, room service, use of bathrobe and cabin slippers, linen and towels, all cleaning, crew salaries.”

What is excluded from the charter price of renting a gulet?

Each gulet has its own terms and conditions, and these will also specify what’s excluded from the charter rate. When you search for yachts on our website, you can see clearly what’s excluded from the listed price. Usually, charterers are required to pay VAT in the country where they will cruise as well as such expenses as fuel, food, beverages, private marina fees, and customs formalities – which will certainly apply if, for example, you choose to cruise from Turkey to Greece and back again. In order to have a clearer image, here are two examples of “excluded items”.

For some Turkish gulets:

“All meals and drinks, fuel for motor-operated equipment, all land tours. All Greek formalities and taxes are extra for charters which include visits to Greek islands.”

For some Croatian gulets:

“Food and beverages options, entry costs for national parks, transfers to and fromthe yacht / hotel / airport, shore excursions, local area activities such as scuba diving, big game fishing, rafting and guided land tours, jet ski use, laundry service, gratuity / tips for the crew. Food options: Half board is mandatory. Half board price: 350 EUR/pax/week (breakfast + lunch or dinner). Full board price: 600 EUR/pax/week (breakfast + lunch + dinner). Extra dinner: 40 Euro per person, payable at the end of the charter. Drinks/beverages included in all drinks options are water and sparkling water, tea and coffee during all day, juices during breakfast time and a welcome drink upon embarkation. Drinks/beverages must be taken at the yacht bar and paid according to consumption at the end of the charter. Bringing drinks aboard is not permitted unless some of the “all-inclusive” drink option is purchased. An all-inclusive alcohol package is available at cost of EUR 250/person/week. An all-inclusive non-alcoholic beverages option is available at a cost of EUR 125/person/week. An all-inclusive alcoholic beverages package includes: Croatian drinks and beverages such as wine, beer, fruit juice, soft drinks, foreign spirits (Red Label whiskey, Bacardi or Captain Morgan rum, Bombay or Tanqueray gin, Absolute or Smirnoff, vodka Sierra or similar tequila). If the all-inclusive option is taken, please note that it includes Croatian quality wine and beer from the standard boat bar offer. Specially ordered wines, premium wines, Champagne, foreign spirits and foreign drinks are all available at additional cost. Children 0-2 years: free of charge. Children 2-10 years: 50% discount.”

What is a Delivery fee?

The Delivery Fee is paid if you choose to board a yacht in a port other than its base port. For example, should you see a charter gulet available for rent out of Dubrovnik in Croatia, and yet wish to start your cruise from Split, it is likely that you will have to cover the cost of delivering the yacht from its home port of Dubrovnik to your chosen port of Split – which is basically just a fuel cost plus the cost of engaging the services of the crew. If the idea of this “delivery fee” does not appeal to you, we would recommend that you search for alternative vessels. Oftentimes, charterers are willing to pay a delivery and a re-delivery fee if they wish to sail beyond the standard cruising area aboard one specific gulet. There are also cases in which there is no need to pay any delivery fee at all, namely where a yacht’s owner accepts embarkation from several different ports that are more or less close to each other. For example, some gulets in Turkey fall into this category. In this case, you may be able to choose to embark in Gocek, Marmaris, or Bodrum without any additional fee for delivery.

What is the APA?

The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is a sum of money that is allocated to the captain of the yacht ahead of your cruise so that he or she can purchase key provisioning in advance (food & drinks, and fuel for the charter). Generally, it is 15-30% of the total charter fee. The captain will also use the money to cover port and harbour fees during the cruise, and anything miscellaneous expenses that are incurred beyond what is ordinarily included in the charter rate. The master tallies the expenses, keeping all receipts and will invite you to check the account at any time during the charter. At the end of your yachting holiday the captain will provide you with a fully itemised account of charter-related expenditure together with receipts. Should any funds remain at the end of the charter, the captain will ensure that this is refunded to you. Conversely, you as the charterer will be asked to cover any outstanding expenses if the APA amount fell short.

Do I need to pay you anything for your services?

This yacht charter company charges its clients only the amount for chartering a yacht and if guests book any additional services during their vacation, such as transfers or land excursions, we won’t charge anything for creating these bookings either. Our service fee is already built into the charterhire fee and includes a thorough yacht search, sending you a selection of boats to rent, creating a customised itinerary and making recommendations for places to see and visit.

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