What do we eat during a yachting holiday?

The most popular member of the crew is oftentimes the chef! The chef is there to cook you all the meals you love. You will enjoy breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour, and dinner prepared according to your wishes. Before your charter starts, we will ask you to fill in a preference sheet where you indicate all the food you like and dislike. According to this list, the chef will purchase products and create a special menu for each day. Some yachts offer “Half Board” and “Full Board” dining options. If you choose the Half Board option, then there will be times when you’ll be dining ashore at either lunchtime or in the evening, depending on the itinerary.

What is Full Board and Half Board?

If your food & beverages are not included in the charter rate, there are several options to choose from when it comes to dining onboard. These meal supplements are called Half Board and Full Board. Half Board is a nominal fee you pay to cover the cost of breakfast and lunch and it is given on the basis of “per person, per day” or “per person, per week”. Full Board covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner on board (again, based on per person per day/week). In some cases, Half Board is obligatory, whereas Full Board is optional.

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