What is a crewed yacht charter?

“Chartering – or hiring - a fully-crewed sailing yacht, motor yacht or traditionally-styled Turkish gulet and travelling to coastal or island destinations within a set timeframe” is our definition of yacht charter. Your reason for hiring a boat with crew is as individualistic as your choice of itinerary! You may choose to opt for the world’s most relaxing vacation with family and friends... or celebrate a special event. You may design the “event” around a very important corporate meeting, or go “all out” in reviving yourself with a detox, yoga, or wellness retreat on the water. Note: in case you wondered, it is possible to rent a bareboat yacht, too -- “bare” being the operative word in that the vessel has no crew... but, then, would you really want that type of holiday if it means you have to shop and cook your meals? Take it from us, your best option is to hire a crewed yacht complete with captain, chef, stewardess or two and deckhands that work to keep the boat looking polished and beautiful and your children well and truly entertained!

How can I be sure that the yacht I book is in great condition?

Each year our gulet experts attend various yacht charter shows and yacht marinas to inspect boats and meet the crew. Having been working in the field for more than 25 years, we are quick to ascertain whether a yacht is in good condition, always keeping considerations such as the yacht’s age and category in mind. It is easy to see the professionalism of the crew as represented by the level of maintenance and presentation of the yacht. We check charter records to ensure that previous guests were happy with their choice. We also work closely with our network of trusted partners in various yacht charter destinations and of course, gulet owners. This is the means by which we collect all the necessary information, including video and photographs, sharing the most recent with you when passing along the information pertaining to each yacht. The overall "package” that a yacht represents will be dependent on her age and her category, either classic, superior, or luxury. N the subject of age, however, there are many beautiful vessels that while older are presented in excellent condition, either due to a recent interior refit or refurbishment or for the fact that their owners require the yacht to be maintained in first class condition. We know many such yachts, and the summer season tends to come to a close with these boats having been fully booked, yet again.

Can we choose our cruising itinerary?

Usually, guests choose the towns, villages, and islands they would most like to visit during a yacht charter holiday in Greece, Italy, Croatia, or Turkey. They also decide how long they want to stay in each place. This is the beauty of renting a gulet and not taking a cabin on a cruise ship. The schedule is flexible enough to change daily, and is almost always tailor-made according to your very own preferences. The only exception to this would arise where you are in the Greek islands and the Meltemi starts to blow strongly, necessitating a chance of itinerary. If you are planning to cruise the Greek islands in July and August, you are best to leave your final itinerary plans to your captain whose job it is to ensure that the yacht and all of her passengers are safe at all times!

Here are a few items to that you must also consider: sometimes, due to a high volume of bookings, specific yachts are available for rent from specific ports only. This might apply equally to disembarkation ports, in that should your yacht have a pre-existing charter booking commencing in a specific port on the final day of your cruise, you will be required to disembark in that particular port. However, you still get to decide what you want to see during the cruise. If you would prefer not to embark or disembark in the ports specified, then we’ll do our best to find a yacht that is available for your preferred ports of embarkation and disembarkation.

How many hours do we cruise each day?

Usually, 4 hours of cruising is included in the yacht charter rate. And that’s more than enough to change your location at least once every day, especially if you rent a gulet in Turkey, Where the charming coastline of this country is dotted with gorgeous towns, villages and historical sites. If you’re nearby sailing in Greece and wish to cruise from one island to another, it may take a little more time. Nevertheless, before your charter starts, you will already have an approximate itinerary with information on the number of cruising hours involved. Thereafter, for the duration of your cruise, each morning or each evening after dinner, your captain will consult with you in order to set the program for the day ahead.

Can your gulet experts recommend what to see on our yachting vacation?

Each inquiry is special, and we know that it comes from individuals who have their own unique travel tastes, interests, and expectations. We are happy to create a tailor-made yacht itinerary for you based on your preferences with our recommendations for what to see, whether you’re interested in historical sites and natural wonders, or fond of great wine & culinary delights. We have been working with charter yachts in the Mediterranean since 1995, and are happy to share the breadth of our knowledge and the depth of our imagination, as gained over the years.

Is a yacht charter much more expensive than renting a hotel?

Nowadays, the privilege of renting a crewed yacht belongs not only to people with a high disposable income! Chartering a gulet or any other boat has become an affordable luxury. It is true that a luxury hotel vacation for 12 guests is on par, in some cases, with hiring a boat. However, staying in a hotel for a week can’t be compared with a yacht vacation. In those seven days, you collect so many experiences, that you’d need a month to live the same ones out while on shore. The number of yachts is growing worldwide, and so is the supply of charter boats in different cruising grounds. Yachts now come equipped with water toys, and often there’s a Jacuzzi, a bar, your own “beach club”, a lounging zone for cocktail hour and a quiet spot in the shade for snoozing after a refreshing swim. Extra comfort doesn’t always mean higher rates. Booking a yacht in advance may save you a minimum of 5% on the listed charter price. Every day you’ll get to see new towns, scenery, people, and beautiful bays without the need for packing and unpacking your suitcases... and without the need for spending hours on the road. Just imagine how great it is to be on vacation and free from such cares! In the world of Mediterranean yacht charter you have the opportunity to experience the ultimate in freedom and possibly, the wildest of adventures. For a more detailed answer to this important question, please read our Blog article, “Why renting a yacht is much better than staying in one hotel for a week”.

Can we rent a crewed yacht only for one day?

The duration of a classic yacht charter is one week. It is possible to hire a gulet for as long as a month or two. However, when it comes to yacht rental for a single day, it is more of a challenge to find such a vessel. And yet, anything is possible. Our gulet experts have a list of boats whose owners agree to give their vessels out for single day rent. Such cruises are popular when guests stay in luxury hotels but still dream of spending a nice day out on a yacht surrounded by the beauty of nature.

What to wear during a yachting vacation?

There are no real guidelines as to which clothes to pack for wearing on onboard. Usually the atmosphere is very relaxed and laid back when you’re on a yachting vacation and so several swimsuits, comfortable t-shirts, shorts, and summer dresses will do the job. However, if you plan to celebrate a special event while on your yacht or go out to dinner ashore, you would be advised to pack a favorite outfit or two -- or go shopping and buy a beautiful, new wearable souvenir when you’re in port!. Of importance to those considering cruising in May or September and October, is to bring one or two warmer, long-sleeved shirts or a jacket to pair with some trousers for early morning and for night time. If you are heading out to the islands, you may like to bring a light windcheater and a pair of long pants with you in case it gets windy or you are one who feels the chill first thing in the morning.

Is scuba diving allowed during a yacht cruise?

When it comes to scuba diving during a yacht charter in the Eastern Mediterranean, this activity is generally only permitted in the company of a professional dive crew who welcome you aboard their own fully-equipped dive boat. Classed by some as a high-risk activity, even if you are an experienced diver, you will have to adhere tp local regulations and have your captain organise what is known as rendezvous diving. The dive boat pulls up alongside your charter vessel or alternatively, your crew may take you by tender boat to a set locale where you will attend to some paperwork before proceeding to dive in the company of dive masters -- as well as other divers who are part of this dive trip – unless you have organised a private dive trip. So just to reiterate, government regulations ensure that you’re in safe hands and also that you are accompanies at all times when diving over antiquities. There are areas along the Tyurkish coast that are well protected as they are “underwater museums” and scuba diving, in such areas without the supervision of a government-registered dive masters is strictly prohibited.

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