Kotor to Dubrovnik yacht charter itinerary

Sail in Croatia: Kotor- Dubrovnik yacht charter

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Located in one of the most beautiful bays of the world, Kotor, a town of traders and famous sailors has many stories to tell. The old town Kotor is the most preserved middle age urban center typical for towns built in XII and XIV century. Because of the middle age architecture and many monuments of cultural heritage Kotor is protected by UNESCO.

Along the whole city there are many buildings, squares and intertwined streets. One of those squares contains the cathedral of Sv. Tripun which is a monument to Roman culture and one of the most recognizable symbols of the town. Churches built in period from 13th to 15th century, Duke’s Palace (17th century),Napoleon’s Theatre (19th century); those are just some of the examples of the rich architectural Kotor tradition. Carnivals and fiestas which are organized year every year are just add to the beautiful experience of Kotor.

Leaving for Perast in the evening.


Perast is a sleepy baroque town which is near Kotor. The most beautiful buildings of this little town were made during the XVII-XVIII centuries. During that time the maritime trade was very profitable so the captains of various ships were able to build large villas which even today attract our attention with their beauty. Perast is quiet town with many sacral monuments built between the period of 15th and 18th century.

Two small islands in front of Perast are worth of visit - you will have a chance to visit beautifully preserved examples of sacral monuments from 13th and 17th century, Romanic and Baroque architecture.

Suggestion for dinner if not eating on board: Catovica Mlini – excellent sea food restaurant at picturesque location. You can be transferred with dinghy directly to the restaurant.

Reservation needed.


Leaving for Tivat, Porto Montenegro marina to make exit from Montenegro and possibly re-fuel.

Marina Porto Montenegro is the nicest point for this obligatory stop regarding custom rules. This recently built facility is the biggest foreign investments in Montenegro. Marina itself is a place for nice shopping, enjoying in spa treatments or simply admiring to yachts based there.


Custom procedure usually takes 45 minutes of your time, but that of course can vary. Your presence in custom office is not needed; one of the crew members and local agents will take care of that.

Leaving for Croatia.

Although stopping in Cavtat is obligatory because of the administrative reasons due to entry in Croatia, it is definitely the place worth of visit.

Recommended restaurant for dinner is famous Leut restaurant in Cavtat with decades of tradition and reputation. http://www.restaurant-leut.com/

Reservation needed.

We suggest to spend night in Cavtat (on anchor or in port, according to your preferences) or to move to Dubrovnik after customs formalities.

In case you would be interested in charming local places with excellent food, Zaton bay couple of nautical miles from Dubrovnik is right place to spend the night at and enjoy at the terrace of restaurant Kasar, on the waterfront.


The pearl of Adriatic – Dubrovnik. Through turbulent history in rest of Croatia, wise and calm diplomacy that Dubrovnik is known for, has secured to this town independence and therefore turned it to oasis of peace, democracy and prosperity. Philosophy, arts, science were blossoming in this rich town where everything was guided by town’s credo: LIBERTAS – Freedom. Republic of Dubrovnik was the first country in the world that offered to establish relationship to newly founded, independent country of USA.

This is the right place to go out to one of the most famous upscale restaurants: Gil’s, Nautica or Proto.

Disembarkation in Dubrovnik after breakfast.

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