Naples to Naples yacht charter itinerary

Sail in Italy: Naples - Naples via Amalfi Coast

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DAY 1: Naples to Ischia

You’re starting a gulet charter cruise in what’s believed to be Italy’s most gorgeous coastline. Once you have boarded a gulet that becomes your luxury home for a week, head to the charming island of Ischia. It is also known as the “Isola Verde”. In Italian, it means “The Green Island”. This name is given to Ischia for its lush greenery that covers the island’s hills. It is a true Mediterranean paradise famous for its vineyards, picturesque villages, spa waters, and great hospitality.

Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the slopes of the islands, have dinner on board and go onshore to taste some local gelato, wine, or limoncello during a nice walk.

DAY 2: Ischia

It is for sure the right decision to spend the whole day discovering Ischia both from the sea and on land. You have a unique chance to enjoy breakfast on a gulet surrounded with privacy and amazing landscapes, then visit one of the local thermal spas. A popular choice would be Casaamicciola Terme or Sant’Angelo, both famous for hot springs and volcanic mud. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy shopping in numerous cute little stores.

Staying at Ischia is an amazing part of your Italy yacht charter itinerary exploring its southern coast.

DAY 3: Ponza

After breakfast and a morning swim in the crystal-clear sea waters, cruise to Ponza, one more beautiful spot with breathtaking views. Life is simple and unhurried here. The island seems to be like a secret place yet to be discovered, which means that there are no crowds of people around you, just residents and some tourists. The slow living atmosphere, relaxing vibes and gorgeous views make this place a perfect Mediterranean escape where you avoid rushing anywhere. Maybe this is one of the reasons why such celebrities as Beyonce and Jay Z, Rihanna, and many more love this island.

After exploring the island, visiting Cisterna della Dragonara and the Botanical Gardens, swimming near the Arco Naturale, tasting delicious local mozzarella with focaccia, tomatoes, and olive oil, reward yourself with watching the sunset if you happen to be at the western side of the island. Terrazze Chiaia di Luna, a lounge place with music, is a popular spot for the evening relaxation.

DAY 4 & 5: Capri

Here you are, at one of the most glamorous islands in Italy where a cinematographic experience is at its every corner. Capri is beautiful. Capri is famous. Capri is definitely crowded in summer, but you’re ready to forgive it for that as there’s no other place like Capri elsewhere: stunning views, atmosphere of elegance and charm, scents of lemon groves in the air, delicious Italian foods, experience what a true Roman holiday feels like, shopping and much more. Some of the highlights of your visit will include visiting famous sea cave Blue Grotto, captivating and breathtaking views from Mount Solaro, wandering around Villa San Michele, and shopping of course.

Day 6: Salerno

After relaxing morning cruise you arrive in Salerno, home to gorgeous architecture sites recognized by UNESCO. Don’t be in a rush, especially if you’re a history lover. Head to the old town of Salerno and visit Minerva’s Garden, Europe’s first botanical garden. It’s a perfect place to take beautiful photos from a vacation in Italy. A must-see includes visiting Duomo, the cathedral of Salerno. You can have early dinner in the Forte La Carnale, a castle built in the 16th century. Stunning views are guaranteed.

As an alternative after exploring Salerno, you can cruise to Amalfi - a colourful paradise located at the Italian dolce vita coast.

Day 7: Amalfi, Ravello, Positano and Pompeii

This is the last day of your wonderful vacation, and you may choose how to spend it - whether to visit several cute villages and towns, such as Ravello and Positano or head to Pompei, one of the most famous historical sites in Italy. In Ravello it’s a must to visit Villa Cimbrone Gardens - a breathtaking experience that you can’t avoid. Cliffside Positano is home to beautiful narrow streets decorated with cafes, fish restaurants, boutiques, amazing peddle beachfront, and steep hills covered with colourful villas. Wandering around Pompeii is also a very interesting onshore experience that you may choose on the final day of a yacht charter cruise in Italy. There’s no other place like this around where you can see traces of life buried under volcanic ash in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Day 8: Disembark in Naples

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