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Sail in Turkey: Bodrum- Bodrum Via Gokova Gulf

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Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most popular coastal resort towns. White-washed houses decorated with colourful bougainvillea drape the sides of low, rounded hills leading down the harbour. A magnificent Crusader’s Castle stands proudly on a rocky promontory overlooking the marina. This is the heart of Bodrum, where tourists flock to witness the town’s famous nightlife as much as to experience its impressive history.

Heredotus, the father of history, was born here when the place was known as “Halicarnassos”. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassos was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and it is possible to visit the remains of this monumental tomb, along with the “Myndos Gate”, the antique theatre and the Castle of the Knights of St. John. Exploring the castle, which houses one of the largest museums of underwater archaeology in the world, is very relaxing in the cooler hours of the day.
Board the yacht in Bodrum and if you are keen to stay the night, be sure to head out after dinner to see some of Bodrum’s famous nightlife. If you would prefer to avoid the crowds, set sail for the island just off the coast, “Kara Ada”.
Overnight in Bodrum or nearby, with dinner on board or ashore.


Sail across to Amazon Creek - locally known as "Kucukgunluk Koyu” and anchor in tranquil, idyllic surrounds. The thickly wooded slopes descend to the shoreline along this meandering inlet and the scent of pine mingles with the sea breeze. Further up the inlet is a small restaurant, “Club Amazon Bordubet” which is accessed by tender or by kayak. You will receive a warm welcome from the Club Amazon staff! Tomorrow morning, your crew will come ashore to fetch some of their freshly baked bread for your breakfast!
Overnight in Amazon Creek with dinner of traditional Turkish meze ashore at “Club Amazon".


On to Longoz in the morning for a chance to take a walk ashore through the forest and meet some of the locals. Swim, snorkel and kayak in picturesque surrounds. After lunch, sail for English Harbour, a large bay offering numerous creeks and anchorages. "English Harbour” was given its name by locals who tell the stories of British torpedo boats using it as a base during the Second World War. Swim and snorkel or take a walk ashore through dense pine forest and seek out the fragrant liquid amber tree. This tree, also known as the “oriental sweet gum", is native to the Eastern Mediterranean and has the most beautiful scent.
Overnight in English Harbour with dinner on board.


A morning sail to the island group known as “Sehir Adalari” or “City of Islands”. There are three islands here, the largest of which is often referred to as “Cleopatra’s Island”. In ancient times, the settlement on this, the largest of the islands was known as Cedreae and the fortification walls of the city can still be seen, as can the site of a sample dedicated to the Greek god of the sun, Apollo, an agora and a theatre shaded by dense growth. On the
western side of this island is a beach known as “Cleopatra’s Beach”, which we recommend you visit. Legend has it that Cleopatra spent a lot of time frolicking on this natural beach — made up completely of with Marc Anthony.
To Karacasogut for the night. Anchor on the small quay and dine ashore at "Raca Kitchen”.


An early morning sail along the Gulf of Gokova is highlighted by turquoise waters and verdant green hills. The next stop is “Yedi Adalar” or the “Seven Islands” and here is where you will spend the best part of a day swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, beach combing or just relaxing on board. Your crew will find an idyllic anchorage in Kufre Bay, behind the northern most island, where there is a little creek to explore by tender boat, kayak or paddle board. The area is home to a great variety of waterbirds, including herons, cormorants and the blue kingfisher.
Overnight in Kufre Bay with dinner on board or ashore at “Yedi Adalar Restaurant".


To Cokertme on the northern side of the Gulf of Gokova. This is a large, sheltered bay backed by steep mountains which create a beautiful setting for swims in clear waters and walks ashore among pine forest and olive groves. The area has a good number of liquid amber trees, which always make for beautiful backdrops for group photos. Take a stroll through the village and enjoy the sights.
Overnight in Cokertme with dinner ashore at “Kaptan Ibrahim Restaurant"


Enjoy a leisurely sail along the northern side of the gulf. Anchor off Orak Island for a chance to swim in crystal clear waters or snorkel around the rocky shoreline. Stay here or cruise the short distance around and into Kargicik Cove - right alongside the island - for lunch.
Either spend the night at Kargicik, or return to Bodrum Harbour and moor on the town quay.


Disembark in Bodrum Harbour after breakfast.

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