Cruise from Bodrum to Greek islands during yacht charter route

Sail in Turkey: Bodrum- Bodrum Via the Dodecanese Islands

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Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most popular coastal resort towns. White-washed houses decorated with colourful bougainvillea drape the sides of low, rounded hills leading down the harbour. A magnificent Crusader’s Castle stands proudly on a rocky promontory overlooking the marina. This is the heart of Bodrum, where tourists flock to witness the town’s famous nightlife as much as to experience its impressive history.

Heredotus, the father of history, was born here when the place was known as “Halicarnassos”. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassos was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and it is possible to visit the remains of this monumental tomb, along with the “Myndos Gate”, the antique theatre and the Castle of the Knights of St. John. Exploring the castle, which houses one of the largest museums of underwater archaeology in the world, is very relaxing in the cooler hours of the day.
Board the yacht and set sail for the island just off the coast known as, Kara Ada, or “Arkonessus" in ancient times. The water here is exceptionally clear and so after you have swum or snorkelled, enjoy a walk to the church and the citadel. If you like the idea of soaking in natural mineral water, the sulphur springs, where the water is a very pleasant 32 degrees Celsius, are just a short walk away here on the island.
Overnight on Kara Ada with dinner on board.


After breakfast and a swim, sail for the Greek island of Kos.
Kos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese and lies just off the coast of Turkey, just a short distance from the port of Bodrum. The island is synonymous with the forefather of modern medicine, Hippocrates who was born here in 460 BC and went on to teach many disciples the philosophy and science of medicine. Hippocrates' disciples in turn built the Asclepeion, a centre for healing. Understandably, this is the best archaeological site on the island, and we recommend that you take in a short visit to appreciate one of the Western world’s first true hospitals and medical schools.The other main attractions on the island are the large Knights’ fortress, the Kos Archaeological Museum, the Hippocrates Cultural Centre, and the Roman Odeon, which is just 10 minutes’ walk from the harbour.
There are many different choices for dining out tonight, so try one of the traditional-style tavernas on the waterfront, and round off the evening with a walk through Kos' bazaar.
Overnight in Kos Harbour.


Kalymnos is rocky and rugged-looking and draws visiting yachtsmen heading north from Kos with beautiful anchorages such as the fjord-like inlet, “Vathy”, and “Emborios". The southern harbour, Vlichadia, offers the option of visiting the "Sea World Museum Valsamidis” — where a treasure trove of findings from the sea are on display, entertaining kids and adults alike.
Kalymnos was a major sponge fishing center and still bares traces of those times with some very stately homes dating from the era. While visiting Pothia, Kalymnos' main harbour, be sure to visit the private museum, "Neoklasiko Museum” and be shown around by the owner, Mr. Michael Kyrannis. Fascinating, and beautifully presented, here you will be taken on a half-hour journey through the history and folkloric traditions of the Kalymnians.
Overnight in Kalymnos with dinner ashore in the village of Vathy — the taverna, "Aigaio Pelagos” is a good place for trying local seafood dishes.


Spend some time walking about in Vathy, before moving on to yet another pretty Kalymnian anchorage, perhaps near the island of Telandros. After lunch, sail for Leros, best known for its imposing medieval castle. The “Castle of Virgin Mary", was likely built on the ruins of a Byzantine fortress, and a visit to see the ruins, the museum and a church is highly recommended — as well as the chance to see some truly spectacular views.
No visit to Leros is complete without a brief visit to the little Chapel of Isidoros, which sits upon a tiny rocky island, just off Leros.
Overnight on Leros with dinner on board or ashore


Patmos, an island of great natural beauty, is synonymous with St. John. During his exile here during the years 96-98 AD, St. John wrote “The Apocalyse” while inhabiting a cave.
It is impossible not to be impressed by the sight of Scala harbour, set in a large, well-sheltered bay and at the base of a mountain crowned by the 13th century monastery of St. John the Divine. There is much to see and do ashore in Scala, but the real attractions of the island are its monasteries, the Cave of the Apocalypse and the Convent of Evengelismos. Having said that, it is also recommended that you set aside part of the day to just drive around the island at leisure and admire the beautiful views.
Anchor in Grikos Bay for lunch, then move into Skala Harbour and go ashore to explore.
Spend the night in Skala Harbour with dinner at one of the island's finest restaurants. If you are looking for a spot to visit after dinner, head for Chora’s “Theo’s Lounge”. Return to the yacht early however, as there is a night passage to enjoy between Patmos and the Turkish mainland.
Night sail from Greece to Turkey.


Back in Turkey, take breakfast in the bay known as Turkbuku -- summer destination of Turkey's rich and famous. Today is set aside for relaxation and tonight is set aside for dancing! Spend the night ashore in Turkbuku, enjoying world class entertainment at one of the Turkish Riviera's most famous night clubs.
Overnight in Turkbuku with dinner on board or ashore.


A leisurely breakfast this morning followed by a cruise along to Yalikavak. Go ashore for some souvenir shopping or find a quiet spot for swimming and water sports. Arrive back in Bodrum Harbour in the early evening
and moor on the town quay. If you are yet to see it, visit Bodrum's Museum of Underwater Archaeology with its world-class display of artefacts from two Bronze Age ships.
Overnight in Bodrum harbour with a final dinner on board.


Disembarkation in Bodrum after breakfast.

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