Weekly yacht charter from Bodrum to Knidos and back

Sail in Turkey: Bodrum - Knidos - Bodrum

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Board the yacht in Bodrum and if you are keen to stay the night, be sure to head out after dinner to see some of Bodrum’s famous nightlife. If you would prefer to avoid the crowds, set sail for a nearby quiet and nice bay of Tavşan Burnu. It is a secluded place located just on the opposite side of Karaada island, and it is perfect to have lunch onboard and enjoy peaceful atmosphere of the views combining crystal-clear turquoise waters and the land covered with pines.

Overnight near Bodrum harbour or in one of the closes bays with dinner on board or ashore.


Departure after breakfast from Tavşan Burnu. It takes 3 hours to cross the mouth of the Gökova Gulf and reach Knidos. Once anchored, take a tender ashore to explore the ruins of this once-thriving trade centre. Knidos has two theaters, the larger of which seated an audience of 20,000, a number of temples and an acropolis. Take in the view from above the ruined circular temple of Aphrodite - a site of worship which once attracted thousands of worshipers, all vying to witness the beauty of Praxiteles’s nude statue of Aphrodite.

The base of this famous statue can still be seen today. Also of importance is a sundial, developed by a son of Knidos - the great mathematician and inventor, Eudoksus.

As you wander past a temple dedicated to Apollo or admire the mosaic floors of a church, imagine how life must have been in city perfectly positioned at the convergence of numerous key trade routes. Knidos has two ancient harbours and the yacht will drop anchor in the bigger eastern harbour from where it is possible to see the ruins. The harbour is unfortunately relatively unprotected from the wind so the captains often decide to overnight in Mersincik.


Departure to Orak island. Swimming break and lunch here. The second stop will be in Çiftlik. Late in the afternoon we will arrive at the harbour in Bodrum or stay in the nearby bay. Last dinner on board.


Disembark in Bodrum Harbour after breakfast.

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