Weekly yacht tour in Turkey visiting Gocek, Tomb Bay, Ekincik, Bozukkale, Bozburun

Sail in Turkey: Gocek - Gocek via the Gulf of Hisaronu

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Embark your yacht in the port town of Gocek, just 20 minutes’ drive from Dalaman International Airport. Set sail for Tomb Bay on the western side of the Gulf of Fethiye, in the area known as The Gocek Bays. The cruising area is world renowned for its fjord-like beauty. Its a treasure chest of jewel-like inlets, islands and anchorages where ancient settlements abound. Once anchored, take a tender ride ashore to visit the porticoed temple and pigeonhole tombs carved into the rock face. For the more adventurous, there's also the acropolis of ancient Cyra within climbing distance. Swim, snorkel or relax on board in idyllic surrounds. Enjoy the first of your evening rituals: cocktail hour on the forward deck.

Overnight in Tomb Bay with dinner on board.


Departing Tomb Bay at daybreak, cruise through the splendour of the Gocek Bays and around to Ağa Limani for breakfast. The next stop is the picturesque Asi Limani, one of the most scenic stopovers along this stretch of the coast - an excellent place to swim and snorkel away the afternoon. Towards evening, cruise a short distance to anchor in yet another of the area's most beautiful bays, tucked neatly within Ekincik Harbour. There's a world-class restaurant, "My Marina" situated on the hill overlooking the harbour. If your choice is to dine here tonight, be sure to be at the restaurant around sunset to catch the views.


After breakfast, board a small riverboat for an exciting and memorable excursion through the Dalyan River delta to ancient Caunos. At Caunos, visit the remains of a theatre, a Byzantine church, a Roman bathhouse and an Agora before re-boarding the riverboat for the last part of the journey up the Dalyan River. En route, you will pass beneath some fabulously ornate Lycian rock tombs. Have lunch riverside at Dalyan and during the return trip, stop off for a swim from the beach known as "Iztuzu”, where the water is good for swimming. Once back on board, sail for a few hours across to the delightful natural harbour of Kadirga - another excellent spot for water sports.

Overnight in Kadirga with dinner on board.


Sail south to Gerbeklise Bay, and tender ashore to see the ancient monastery. Later in the day, continue on to the overnight port of Bozukkale. Bozukkale is home to one of the most fabulous Hellenistic sites on all the Aegean coast, ancient Loryma. Be sure to wear some sturdy shoes, as the hike up to the ruins of ancient Loryma follows a rough path over rocky ground. The view from the top, however, is well worth it - especially as the sun is setting over the Aegean.

A night to enjoy al fresco dining under the stars.


A morning sail around the peninsula brings Sogut Harbour into sight. This is one of the most peaceful anchorages on the Turkish coast cruise and after a leisurely breakfast, enjoy a walk ashore through the village, meet some of the locals and try some local pine honey. A truly beautiful setting, backed by tall mountains resonating with the area's long history of at least 4,000 years. Back on board, move on to Kizil Island for lunch. Enjoy the serenity of an island laying just off the coast nearest Bozburun, the main port in the Gulf of Yesilova.Take a kayak or paddle board and explore the island at leisure. If you are keen to see more, a tender ride past some of the numerous interesting ruins that lie near the water’s edge is well worth doing.

Dine ashore in Bozburun at a quaint harbour-side taverna.


Explore the village of Bozburun and find treasures in tiny shops along its streets. Join the locals for a glass of freshly brewed tea and while away part of the morning in this southern Aegean paradise. Later in the day, cross the gulf to Dislice Island for a late lunch and board a canoe to circumnavigate the islet. Tonight’s overnight stop is at Selimiye - a small fishing village at the head of a large bay, surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery. This is one of the best places to enjoy a fish dinner, so be sure to try some local fresh fish, calamari or octopus at a seaside restaurant.

Overnight in Selimiye with dinner ashore.


To the island of Kameriye, where the ruins of an old Greek church - complete with floor mosaics - invite some wonderful photo opportunities. Spend the remainder of the day sailing down the Gulf of Hisaronu, stopping off at "Date Palm Bay”, home to the Cretian Date Palm, on the way to Kargi Bay.

Kargi Bay one of the smallest coves along this stretch of the coastline, but it has much charm and there is a restaurant, "Mandalya Beach” which serves excellent seafood dishes.

Overnight in Kargi Bay with dinner ashore.


At the tip of the Datca peninsula lies Cape Krio and the harbor of ancient Knidos. Knidos, once a famous centre for art and culture, is best accessed by sea and is a truly romantic destination.

Swim in crystal clear waters or snorkel around a sunken breakwater. When the day cools off, venture ashore and see the ruins of a city which enjoyed great prosperity during the 4th century BC, owning two harbors, one in the Mediterranean and one in the Aegean.

Knidos has two theaters, the larger of which seated an audience of 20,000, a number of temples and an acropolis. Take in the view from above the ruined circular temple of Aphrodite - a site of worship which once attracted thousands of worshipers, all vying to witness the beauty of Praxiteles’s nude statue of Aphrodite. The base of this famous statue can still be seen today. Also of importance is a sundial, developed by a son of Knidos - the great mathematician and inventor, Eudoksus. As you wander past a temple dedicated to Apollo or admire the mosaic floors of a church, imagine how life must have been incity perfectly positioned at the convergence of numerous key trade routes.

Overnight in Palamut Buku with dinner at a restaurant on the beach, perhaps "Badem", where the tables and chairs are set right at the water's edge and the atmosphere is cool and relaxing.


Spend the morning sailing across to the deep inlet known as Dirsek - as much a favorite harbour in ancient times as it is today. Enjoy excellent visibility while swimming and snorkeling in this antique wine trader’s port. Lunch here and perhaps take a walk ashore. In the afternoon, sail back around the tip of the Loryma Peninsula and northwards towards the wildly beautiful, fjord-like harbour of Serce. A Byzantine shipwreck, dating back to the 11th Century was discovered here back in 1977. The ship was carrying a cargo of Islamic glass when it went down in bad weather… centuries later, the artifacts from this “Glass Wreck” are on display at the Bodrum Museum.

Dine al fresco on board, admiring the beauty and serenity of this delightful natural harbour.


Your yacht will depart for the Gulf of Fethiye at dawn. Upon reaching Cape Kurdoglu, the entrance to the Gulf of Fethiye, the crew will find a nice, quite bay for breakfast. Spend the day relaxing on board, enjoying water sports or exploring the Gocek Bays. Tonight, dinner can be enjoyed ashore in Boynuz Bay. The restaurant in this bay is famous for its “ tandir lamb", slow-cooked to perfection in a stone oven and served with a variety of traditional Turkish mezes. The setting here is delightfully rustic and restful, on the edge of a forest of fragrant liquid amber trees. It's a fitting venue for a final night on the Turkish coast!

Overnight in Boynuz Bay with dinner ashore.


Return to the port of Gocek this morning for disembarkation after breakfast.


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