Is it common to leave tips for a yacht crew at the end of a sailing vacation?

The general rule is that leaving any amount of monetary reward for the crew at the end of your luxury yacht holidays is entirely up to you! In our experience however, it is quite common for charter guests to choose to tip anywhere between 5 and 15% of the charter rate they’ve paid to rent a gulet. Generally, on the day of disembarkation, guests give an amount to the captain, asking that he then share the gratuity among the crew members. Please feel free to talk about this subject with your booking broker for more details.

How many crew members can we expect to have on our yacht?

This depends on the yacht size and the level of luxury on offer. Superior and deluxe gulets may have 3-5 crew members, whereas super luxury gulets would have a team of 5 to 8 marine professionals. Generally, during sailing holidays you can expect to charter a yacht with a captain, a chef, a stewardess, an engineer, and several deckhands.

Where does the crew sleep on a yacht?

In most cases, gulets feature special crew cabins in the forward section of a yacht. This is where they rest when off-duty. If you should need anything at night, rest assured that there’s always at least one crew member on duty and ready to assist passengers during your gulet cruise.

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